Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics
Dana Farber Cancer Institute


Welcome to the Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics (CFCE) at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The CFCE serves as a central resource for DFCI in supporting both unbiased and hypothesis based cancer research involving epigenetics. We provide laboratory data analysis expertise to all Dana-Farber and Harvard affiliated schools as well as external academic and industry researchers. We collaborate with multiple investigators across basic and clinical research to develop and execute innovative research involving epigenetics experiments and analyses.

The CFCE includes faculty from a variety of disciplines including cell biology, physiology, cancer biology, human genetics, and computational biology.

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The mission for Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics (CFCE) is to explore the key role that epigenetic alterations and abnormal transcriptional regulation play in the development and progression of cancer. A better understanding of these alterations will lead to better diagnosis for cancer and the potential to contribute to the knowledge required for the development of new therapeutics exploiting epigenetic mechanisms.